To My Fellow Artists

bullyI’ve been going on a rant these past couple of days, and I won’t apologize for the fact that it’s going to carry over into my professional life as well. This is something that is VERY near and dear to me. I recently took part in an event on campus during which there was an inappropriate comment made that sparked a whole bunch of drama. The whole thing boiled down to the fact that a group of people were being very discourteous. As an artist, I respect the talents and expressions of all other artists. I am obviously a very opinionated person, but at the end of the day who am I to pass judgement on the words/music/product of another artist. While their lyrics or lines may sound cheesy or unpolished, their work is unique. They put their heart and soul into it, and for others to tear it down is a terrible thing to do.

I have many friends in the artistic community who’s work isn’t my cup of tea, but I respect them nonetheless. A prime example of this is one of my close friends Goodnight Sam who sings in the alternative rock band Goodnight Annabelle. I don’t get on with the poppy more mainstream sound of music, and their lyrics take a completely different style and tone than does my poetry. However we have grown to be pretty good friends in our online communication and I’ve been impressed with the level of respect that he shows for others. I know that he isn’t the “biggest fan” of my work, but he’s shown great respect for it and the work of other artists. We are both the kind of people that if we see another person doing what they love and getting disrespected because of it, we’ll jump in and raise hell.

At this particular event that I attended, there was a “beginning poet” who admittedly was very green in her experience. She opted to read one of her works in an open-mic type setting. As she did a few of the people in attendance began to verbally mock/jeer her. This set me and a few other artists in attendance off. When push came to shove (and it literally did) a fist fight almost broke out. The police actually ended up being called in and it turned into a mess. Was it the ideal situation? No. But it was much better than just sitting there like a helpless bystander while watching someone else be bullied. Those who do nothing sicken me more than those who bully, and that’s saying something.


No matter who you are or what you do, I support you.

If you are honest and genuine, I respect you.

If you are in need of help, I will help you.

If someone attacks you, they attack all that you stand for

This includes me and all other members of the human race

Who are trying to make an honest living

Chasing a dream

Those who stand idly by, become the bully

You become the scum

If you are who you are, and you’re true to yourself

Then you are me, and I am you



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