The Beauty of Words

WordBeautyHave you ever had words cut you down to your very soul? Have words ever brought you to tears? Or made you feel like the happiest person on Earth? We humans have developed a communication lightyears beyond anything else seen in the animal kingdom. Language is arguably the greatest human invention. For thousands of years we have been creating art not only with our hands, but with our mouths. It began with oral traditions passed down from generation to generation. Each generation added their own embellishment and passed them down to their children. As time progressed so did the advancements in language and literature. Stories evolved into novels, poems, and songs.

Today this tradition continues. Each new generation adds it’s own works of literature and song to the existing pool. Each new generation continues to have it’s own creations and embellishments, and this is now happening at an exponential rate. Gone are the days where we need to worry about these works getting lost in the wind. With the invention of the internet and digital media it is much easier to ensure that these works can spread rapidly and decreases the chances of them ever being truly lost. Websites like are a dime a dozen and spread quotations from some famous historical figures (and some not so famous). One need not even be a writer or literary figure to have their oral “gems” recorded. There are quotes, books, poems, etc. for almost every occasion.

We all want to feel understood. Especially during our hard times. No one likes to feel alone in their emotions, and it always helps when you can identify with other people’s situations, and they can identify with yours. Take for example the common event of becoming sick. When sickness overcomes you, you start experiencing symptoms that exclude you from the “group” of other individuals around you who are not sick. You are normally excluded from such activities as going to work, school, or any public place in general. It’s no wonder why it’s easy to feel alone during periods of illness. It’s also makes sense during these times why hearing words of well wishing from others helps us to almost physically feel a little bit better. Knowing that others are thinking about us, or have gone through similar trials in the past can be a great comfort, if for no other reason, because it helps us not feel alone. These get well wishes and sayings can be from the heart or they can be quoted from others. The beauty of words is that they can describe exactly how your feel in a way not possible without such a brilliant method of communication. Word can carry emotion in such a strong way, even with something as simple as telling someone that you hope they get feeling better soon.

We feel connected to people through words, even if those people are long gone or fictional. With the vast collections of literary works it nearly impossible to not find a piece that you can connect with. Think of the recent rises in popularity in such recent works as Twilight, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Game series. Young adults flock to this literature like it’s the new and latest addicting drug (sometimes they act as crazy when under the influence of such novels as well!). Without passing judgement on these books, it cannot be denied that one of the prime reasons that these series have such huge followings, is because of the connection young adults (and twilight moms) feel with the characters who come alive while reading the books. They can identify with the emotions of being lost or confused, losing a parent, feeling the sting of unrequited love, etc. Reading these works helps, on some degree, to  help readers feel that they aren’t alone, and that there is more to life than the negative feelings they experience.

As another example of this, think of all of the major religious pieces of literature out there. The Bible, the Torah, and the Quran are the best known of these religious texts. They have existed for many hundreds of years and have inspired millions to many small, great, and at times terrible actions because of the emotions evoked within their readers. Words are beautiful. They are powerful. They are redeeming and damning. As a writer, speaker, poet, or artist, it is our great privilege to mold works that could endure for centuries and influence thousands. Most of us know how great it feels to know that you’ve influenced one life, and with each individual touched, the feeling multiplies.

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