Sundance Here I Come!

sundanceI’ve just received exciting news from my publisher that they had received a limited amount of tickets to this year’s Sundance film festival in Park City, UT. I was lucky enough to be among the authors chosen to go this year, and I am unbelievably excited.

While there are many authors and writers who despise recorded media (we poets tend to be old fashioned), this is not the case for me. I tend to be heavily affected by watching film medium, and I love movies with essence. While every once in a while I enjoy watching the occasional “blockbuster,” I won’t hide my distaste of the recent stint hollywood has taken, in remaking classic works of literature. Many of these books I grew up reading, and for me, part of the magic of getting lost in a story is being able to formulate what everyone looks and talks like in your own mind. Many of these Hollywood remakes destroy the magical visions you had dreamt up in your mind, for a much more boring version. However, I don’t need to worry about this happening at the Sundance Film Festival because these are films that are much more artistic in nature.

While I’ve never actually been to Sundance before I’ve seen many of the movies that have premiered there, and I am seldom disappointed by the beautiful scripts and artistic and philosophical ideas often address in these films. I’ve also never been to Utah, but I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the region in which I’ll be staying for a week. It seems that while Utah is predominantly a largely conservative state (due to it’s high Mormon population), Park City tends to be an anomaly as much of the population is made up of visitors and vacationers. I will be staying in a beautiful 6 bedroom home in a subdivision called Jeremy Ranch. Apparently my booking agency found this short-term vacation rental through a Salt Lake City property management company who also manages short term rentals in Park City and specializes in trips like ours. They handled all the details of finding us a rental to stay in, and will essentially perform room service and other hotel like functions (at least that’s my understanding). Park City is a beautiful mountain town with picturesque scenery, so rest assured I’ll be taking lots of pictures. With the pictures I’ve seen on the internet, I’d love to own some vacation real estate in the area (Though I’d definitely need to save up to afford to buy property since it is a ritzier area).

Aside from hopefully learning how to ski in the “greatest snow on earth,” I’m definitely excited to be able to enjoy the artistic talents of the filmmakers, actors, editors, producers, and many others who have dedicated their time to sharing their talent. Regardless of the medium, this is one of my all time favorite things to do. I feel like each artist that I come in contact with helps me shape who I am. I grow from their ideas, and new thoughts are sparked with in me which helps with my creativity! I can honestly say that I have probably never been more excited than I am to go to Sundance in a few weeks!

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