Never Sleeping

never sleepingThis is one of my recent works of poetry. It’s a little different than my normal style, but I’m wanting to branch out a try a few new things so if it’s not the greatest that’s okay. I can’t be afraid to fail if I am ever going to improve as a poet and as a writer.

To off a bit of an introduction before I start, I have dealt with insomnia ever since I can remember. Many people in the United States struggle with insomnia and other sleep related problems. It is a serious endemic in western countries. People like me feel a lack of energy all night and all day. We always feel tired, but have the hardest time going to sleep. Most of us have tried all sorts of pills and potions to help, but at best they work minimally. The beautifully tragic thing is that the one thing we want most, the thing that our bodies need most, is the one thing that we can’t have. Sleep.

The human body can only survive so long without sleep, and my body pushes that to the limit. It forces itself to get the bare minimum amount of sleep that it needs to survive, and not a wink more. The poem below was heavily influenced by the experiences that I have had (and continue to have) dealing with sleeping and other issues. I dedicate it to all those like me who suffer from insomnia or any other medical or emotional condition that may cause your sleep to be elusive. I admit that it’s still a work in progress, but let me introduce my new poem. It is called “Never Sleeping”


My eyes they burn of fire, my pad it seems of pins

I lie awake at night, my prayers unanswered. I am never sleeping.

The thoughts that cross my mind make no sense, yet they whisper of urgency.

For my longings, my worries. I could be consoled, but I am never sleeping

What creatures lay in wait, when sun and moon subside?

When man is meant to rest, but I am never sleeping.

Perhaps in prior lives, I was not a man but beast

of nocturnal nature, prowling never sleeping

From whence comes this need to sleep? It seems the cruelest joke

For what I need, I will not have for I am never sleeping

I could count the stars and probably name them all

Once, twice, thrice before the morning dawn as I am never sleeping.

What causes eager minds, I have no guilt to recount.

No problems rife with life or death, yet I am never sleeping

They say the wicked never rest, am I to take offense?

I’ve always tried to do the right, and still I’m never sleeping

Some gifts are curses, but mine is not a gift

It was not asked for neither helps, I’m cursed with never sleeping

But finally my tired mind slows to an eager still

my eyelids rest just as the rays of morning light appeal



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