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DarkI truly appreciate you taking the time out of your day to visit my corner of the internet.

I am a full time student. I am an english major at USC. I’m nearing graduation and I feel my studies have been well worth it. I have achieved success that some authors only dream of. I have published on multiple occasions and am nearing the release of a collection of my poems that has already pre sold more than 1,000 copies.

More than anything I am an artist. My canvas is a napkin or torn notebook paper, my brush is trusty fountain pen, and my paint is words. I say what I think, and I think that most of my thoughts are shared by others who may be to proud or scared to voice them. I’ll admit my poetry can be provocative at times, but life is provocative.

No I’m not spiteful at the world, but there are definitely aspects of it that get me riled up. Even then, I’m really quite friendly, so please don’t hesitate to comment on my work. I won’t be offended if it’s not your cup of tea. In fact I love constructive criticism. Though I am no master, I have tasted the fruits of success, and I feel it a responsibility to help those who come after me in any way that I can. This is one of the purposes I have for starting this blog. These are my humble reflections of my true emotions. I will offer what tips and insights I can into your poetic journey, there are also other sites like this that can help you get started. Take them or leave them, to each his own. But please understand that I operate only out of the need to help others.

My publishing company handles all of my press releases, interviews, and copyrighting. If you would like to reach them for any reason please just use my “Contact” page. I have it set up so that your messages will be forwarded directly to them. Let me close this post with this piece of work


I whisper patiently

In shelves I live and breathe

When the page turns there I lie

When “The End” comes, I die

In time I resurrect

Old ideas to reflect

With new blood I do awake

and death I will forsake


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