Finding Poetic Inspiration While On A Bike Ride

Mountain BikingAs many of you know I was able to visit Park City a few months ago, for the Sundance Film Festival. I never got the opportunity to write about it, so I will take the time to do so now. It goes without saying that I was out of my mind seeing all the celebrities and enjoying the artistic atmosphere. It was such a magical place and it was truly an experience I will not forget anytime soon. Park City is such a beautiful place. The mountains were just gorgeous. Although my purpose of being there was for the film festival, I did my fair share of enjoying nature as well!

I often find the beauty of nature as one of the most powerful inspirational forces for many of my literary creations. Being secluded from the city and technology helps me to focus in on my primal senses and I think that comes across in the poetry that you may have seen in one of my collections.

While in park city I had the opportunity to take a 3 hours bicycle ride through the forrest surrounding Park City. Lucky the bike that I rented was a full-fledged mountain bike (I’m used to BMX bikes) and was more than up to the challenge. I’m a big stifler on safety as well, so I made sure that I got the full faced mountain bike Giro helmet at a great price and also I decked out my Bike with lights so that even if I got lost someone would be able to find me better I can’t remember which bike tail lights I used, whether it was the Trelock LS 820 Rear and the Expose 75 Lumen or some other combination of bright tail and headlights. Either way I must admit that by the end of it my bicycle kind of looked like a UFO.

The bike ride flew by so fast. I was impressed at how well I was able to handle that much exercise but the beauty of the scenery distracted me from any physical pains I may have had. I took pictures galore, and stopped several times just to reflect on my thoughts and take some notes of my emotions. Since I’ve been back I’ve already written 5 new poems based on the experience, and I expect that I will write at least 10 times that amount before I’m finished. To say that I enjoyed my time at Sundance would be a significant understatement. I will simply say that I am forever grateful for the artistic journey that I experienced while I was there and I have achieved a new outlook on life that has inspired me and helped me grow as a writer.

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