Different Types of Artists

Make-up_artistI’ve touched on this a bit before, but some recent Facebook posts that I’ve seen have got me going on a rant again. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, and we are not better or worse than anyone else. We all have different callings. We all have different talents. We are all artists in our own way.

I feel that I have been successful  to a significant degree in my pursuits as a book author and a poet. I have been published on multiple occasions, and have signed by a couple of publishing agencies to date. While I am far from famous, I feel that I have been put in a position where I can stand up for others, and people may listen.

We all enjoy the services and talents of others, whether it be the cashier at your local grocery station, or the cooks at your favorite restaurant. We all create our own art, and it’s sometimes sad that we fail to recognize the importance and celebrate the uniqueness of all artists, whether they go by that name or not.

I have a friend who went to cosmetology school, and does hair and makeup application for a living. I am aware of some people who think less of or look down on those that didn’t go to traditional secondary educational institutes like universities. Some may look down on trade school like cosmetology schools as not preparing people for a” real career.”

This was pretty much the situation that I witnessed. A person who considers himself a businessman (a generally respectable career choice) was basically being condescending and insulting the career choice of my friend. Now I have not witnessed the work of this other gentleman, and I’m sure that he’s good at what he does. I respect his work and contributions in the work place, but that obviously does not put him in any place to demean the work of others.

In her career, my friend mainly specializes in makeup application. She’s actually the one who first taught me in high school how to properly apply moisturizers, foundation, blush, eyeshadow, etc. It may be “only makeup” but it’s what she is passionate about. She knows her stuff so well that she runs this makeup site about foundation for people who want to know which makeup or facial products will work best with their oily or dry skin. She may not own her own company, nor be an accomplished scholar, but she creates beautiful piece of works. I’ve seen her work with clients who have never worn makeup before and probably wouldn’t be considered the most attractive of people, but once she’s done they look completely different. Some even look like models. The human face is her canvas, and the makeup pallet is her paint. Other wouldn’t know it by judging her by her employment title, but she works wonders. Those who come to her for her talent, always leave grateful and satisfied. She may not be as prestigious as others consider themselves to be, but in my book she is one of the best at what she does. She is successful, and she is an artist. I feel the same for all of you, regardless of what you do. If you do your best to do it well, then you are an artist. What you do is no less important that what anyone else does. Don’t ever let anyone else treat you differently.

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