A Poet’s Tools

toolsOne thing that sets men apart from beasts it their knowledge and use of tools. Yes I know some primates have been observed using primitive tools, but that’s another discussion. For the sake of argument let’s just all agree that we become many times more effective in our pursuits (whether they be personal or professional) when we utilize tools. Now we know that not all tools are created equal. Just try using a butter knife to cut through a steak if you don’t agree. So in order for us to be the best that we can be, we need to have the best tools possible.

At this point we can acknowledge that each person has different goals. The tools that will be most effective to each of us will depend on our direction. I am a writer. I write poetry, and I have some other projects in the works. So I will obviously be discussing today the tools that poets like myself utilize. One more point I’d like to make before moving on is that not only is each pursuit different, but each person is different as well. So while there may be some generalized tools that will be most effective for poets to use, like a pen for example, there might be different pens that will be more effective for some than for others.

So with that let me list the tools that  I feel make poets and writers the most effective:

A Proper Writing Utensil (Fountain Pen)

I already alluded to this in the example I gave above, but obviously someone who writes for a living needs to have something to write with. Now I know some cheap pens get the job done, but I’ve personally found that have a solid writing utensil that I  use only for writing poetry, helps me get in the creative state of mind better than scurrying through the house trying to find any pen available for my writing time. If you don’t have a dedicated writing pen go to this site right now and pick out a pen that matches you personality and that will get your creative juices flowing. Some people prefer a pencil, but I like pens. I imagine the poets of old dipping their quills in ink when penning the classic verses that we now so oft quote. For me, fountain pens are where it’s at. They have the feels to them of a more classic and elegant writing utensil, but also are more feasible than actually using a quill with their internal ink supply. Whatever you choose, the first most-important tool for a writer is a dedicated writing instrument.

Proper Paper

I know some of you may use a laptop or a tablet for writing, and I’ll admit that may be best for you. For me having a piece of stationary gets me going more than just staring at a blank computer screen does. Sure eventually you’ll need to convert your work to a digital format, but for the sole purpose of just writing  a dedicated pad of stationary works best for me. I used to use a notebook, and that was okay. I’ve also used the back of homework assignments, restaurant napkins, and any other pieces of scratch paper available. Whatever you choose a dedicated item like a notepad or stationary pad works amazingly.

A Creative Place

Another necessary tool for writing is a place to write. It should some place where you can relax and let your mind roam. It should be a place where you will be free of distraction. This could be your room, or your car, or some secluded place on a hill where you can be alone. This place will really be for you to decide, but make sure you have one. And make sure that it’s yours.


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